1. Ginger and Jon, Thank you so much for the first GAB! Love all of the info here and the fun too. Love meeting Liz and hearing a little bit about her life. Looking forward to learning about everyone else! Your “must knows” and “tips” were so informative and I can’t wait to get started on the painting challenge. Art Hugs, Ann

  2. Thank you both for the GAB. Love the tips and the whole concept and especially learning a little about Liz and hope to learn a little of each of the Moderators in the future.
    Love the picture of Ginger. So cute!

    1. Thanks for the comments about The GAB. We are excited about the articles that we have in mind for The GAB. Not only will you be meeting the Moderators, but also some of the Stuffy Staff will be shared with you.

  3. Wow thank you Jon for the Tech Bear Tips for ratio to canvas size. Im missing something big because I read it twice and didnt understand a thing…what is ratio? Should I have known all this or is it lost in the getting too old brain? great info for ones who understand. Haha 😆 Thanks and I love receiving this beautiful information on Liz. And, Im hoping to do the challenge! Thanks Ginger and Jon!

    1. I will work up a video that might explain it better in the coming weeks. It’s really quite easy once you have a little bit of understanding.


  4. Hi Jon & Ginger !
    Love the GAB ! So nice to get some happy mail from two people I have come to love so much 🥰 !
    Jon you are simply great at making the Techies so easy to understand and remember ! Hated ratios at school…. but you have worked it all out for us !!👍 I truly appreciate your time and commitment ! It was so nice to read about the lovely Liz Carson ! Everyone is ever so nice in the Art Family you & Ginger have created !
    I love Ginger’s cute photo as a Little Bumble Bee ! You two will always look young and beautiful because your kindness and love Shines through your faces !

    Sincere Thank you ,
    Sending you my strongest Happy Art Hugs and Blessings …. Lorraine 🥰💕🤗

    1. Lorraine,

      Thanks, but I think that I have a little more work to do! I had a few contact me that are still confused, so I was thinking maybe a video might be in order.

  5. This GAB is wonderful! I don’t know how you two manage to achieve all the things that you accomplish in a day. I sometimes feel that you must exist in a different time space continuum. Thank you so much for the valuable information that you share with us and the kindness you show. And I loved reading about Liz!

  6. Hi Jon
    Thanks for Ginger giving a shout to the ratios that she said would be found in the blog, I didn’t even know there was a Gab! Is the YouTube Gazette replacing this? I would love more expert tips all in one place personally. I know she gives out lots of tips and advice in all the videos, but it would be nice to have one to print out to put in my Color Mixing Journal to keep for reference. Thanks to both of your for all your hard work. HAH

    1. Tami,

      The GAB will was/is supposed to be more art-related information, whereas the Gazette is focused on the upcoming show and what’s new in the Academy. It’s a time issue thing! We are working on getting all of Ginger’s words of wisdom into one location, but again…it’s a time thing! Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions.


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