Now More Than Ever...

As we face another year of uncertainty in our economy, 2022, what we budget our money on makes more of a difference than ever.

The stress of having to self-quarantine, and restricted movement just a year ago we took for granted, begs us to consider how painting and art lessons can be a great aid to our mental health.

As most of our artist viewers are female, and for many women, the natural instinct is to put yourself last and do more for other family members instead. However, have you ever noticed when flying that the instructions are in case of loss of oxygen in the cabin, putting your mask on first, and then helping those around you.

I know it has helped with isolation with our Facebook Club and live chattering on our YouTube shows where we all connect with others outside the home.
But now, I want to talk to you about connecting with your inner self through personal growth through painting and seeing improvements with every painting.
Satisfaction is best received when setting an intention and following through; when you do that, it uplifts your spirits and helps alleviate self-doubt, early on depression, and feelings of unworthiness.

As the Personal Art Coach for many of our Academy members, I know that I see weekly improvement and comments back from members on how much that connection means. Even if they are only managing to paint once a month, the in-depth, step-by-step instructions that accompany our weekly Academy tutorials provide so much more help, education, and tips on becoming the best artist you can be.

As one member wrote to me this week, “Some days, all I hang on to is painting and Monday's YouTube show. When I feel like giving up, I watch your tutorials, and you inspire me to keep going and find humor in it all. Painting brings me peace in the storm with you guiding the way. I just can't thank you enough for all you do! Just no words. M.”

For less than $50 a month, you have access to the widest variety and skill level of video art tutorials and one-on-one art coaching for artwork you send me: even non-tutorial original or non-original work.

Do you know how much the average cost of painting lessons are in the United States?

I Googled this today; “How much do art lessons cost?” The result showed $50 for an hour of Private Art lessons and $30 for an hour of Semi-Private Art lessons (2 students: $30 each student). We offer so much more for a fraction of those prices to make it possible for a global audience that may not have the resources artists living in the U.S. have.

So if you are hesitant about joining the Academy try us for one month. Just email Jon on sign-up using the Contact Us and tell us how long you want the membership to run.

  1. If you are already an Academy Member, rather than not continuing your membership for budget reasons, here are some sure-fire ways to save at least $30 every month and still keep your membership.
    Try painting on a smaller canvas such as 9×12 or smaller
  2. Put less paint out on your palate at a time and mist often.
  3. Sand your canvas ahead of time to keep your brushes from wearing out
  4. Use your leftover paint to do an underpainting on another canvas; you can always use red, dark brown, gray, or blue underpaintings.
  5. Plan a few painting projects ahead of time. Look at our list of materials. Do you need to substitute a color or medium? Write us and ask if you need help.
  6. Try using the larger box set of Salvador paints listed in our Amazon Store. We have seen the price under $20 for all that paint. It's one of the best deals on the internet.
  7. Send in your artwork for a PAC. Personal Art Coaching, early on, so you are less likely to have to need to repaint a large section of it. Get the design correct and work out the bugs on a smaller canvas before attempting that 30×40.
  8. Look at the posts in our Facebook group for sale items and buy your art materials like brushes and canvas when on sale.

As you know, art and acrylic painting is vital to us and you as well. We want to offer a “win-win” situation by helping others to enjoy our tutorials and possibly winning an original 8×10 Ginger Cook painting with a Certificate of Authenticity for you.

You can help other artists with a membership by donating to the Karen Little Scholarship fund and letting us know you want to sponsor another artist and if you have anyone specific in mind.

Here's the deal…if you make a donation of $100 or more during a quarter, your name will be added to other donors and we will hold a drawing at the end of the quarter during our live YouTube show. Also, remember that we match your donation dollar for dollar to help even more.

The winner will be able to pick one of four original Ginger Cook paintings that are offered during the quarter.


  1. Love the lessons. Being a member is of great value and helps me throughout these Covid times. I have learned a lot over the years and am really inspired. I would urge you to join, you will gain so much more. Let Ginger and Jon help you colour your world!

  2. I'm so thankful I found your channel during the start of Covid in March of 2020! it brought me back to my brushes after a long pause! I have watched at least one video per day on YT or in the Academy (sometimes a marathon). I wasn't sure I would stick with the academy as Im a person that starts things and doesn't finish especial during Covid. However, I can't get enough. I have painted over 50 of your paintings already and so many more to go! thank gawd for internet, thank gawd for courier service to Panama and thank gawd for online shopping for art supplies and most of all Thank you and Jon for helping me through a terrible time. Oh, I had found Cinnamon 5yrs ago and never connected you and her until I watched your channel! Art hugs.

  3. I am a new member as I just discovered Ginger and Jon. I’ve only done 3 tutorials so far (I joined 3 days ago), the “Back to basics”, an apple, and Garden Pathway, but I am AMAZED at how much I have learned so far! I’ve even sent in my “Garden Pathway” for PAC. If I’ve learned this much in 3 days, I am excited to see how I progress with more practice and coaching. When I’m not painting I’m binge watching!
    My husband was in the hospital with Covid for 15 days in December. He is now home but the recovery will be a couple more months. He’s still on oxygen 24/7 and can’t do the normal things, yet, around the house, that he always did, but every day he improves. Painting with Ginger is how I love to occupy my time in between caring for him and the normal household chores. I might add that he is a big cheerleader of my painting!
    Thank you, Ginger! You are just what I needed at just the right time!

    1. Linda,

      We are so glad that you found us and that you are learning so much so quickly! The Personal Art Coaching option is really the best benefit of becoming a member. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.


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