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We will post lessons that have been of interest from the members. Popular or key lessons that might teach something new.

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Here is a lesson that you might have missed because it was recently added with no fan-fare!

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Website Status

We will let you know what issues we may be having and other late-breaking news. 

  1. The ORANGE Member's lessons are complete except for the YouTube Marathon sessions which we will be working (April 1)
  2. Most of the YELLOW Member's lessons have been posted and we are going through final checks. (April 1)
  3. We are looking for Senior Academy members that are willing to move their billing over to the new website, please use the Contact Us and let us know so we can work with you. You will have an account on both websites until we have the new website fully populated with lessons. Shooting for late summer 2021.

Bookmarks have been updated with new features! This is a MUST-watch video! You will now have more control! Watch, think, and make a plan!

Important Website News

We have a new Personal Art Coaching (PAC) form and would love to have the Red, Blue, and Purple members give it a try.

Any questions, use the Contact Us…we are here to help.

This list of tutorials will show the most recently added tutorials which may be older lessons because we are constantly added lessons. 

Once the website is fully updated, this list will show our current releases.

Using the search field on this page will search the entire website and show you everything for the word or words that you are searching for. 

It will so EVERYTHING where those word(s) appear.

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  1. Hi Jon, received your email. After I finish/start some spring yard work I'll look around some more. By the by the spell check is working great. TTFN Teent

  2. Thanks for getting back to me. Let me know what you think when you get a chance to go over the extensive email that I sent you.

    Remember, this website is still being worked on but we are always looking for comments because we can't see it through your eyes.

    Thank you.

  3. Jon and Ginger…FYI…I have been viewing this site for years and the pics are great with a large variety of subjects sent in by professionals and amateurs. I thought you and Ginger might like it to get ideas. I took this from one of my latest emails that come out every day. It is: Look for Photo Gallery to see pics. I joined several years ago. No fee to join and I have never had a problem with their site. Hope you can use it.

    Love the new website…Lots of work but looks very nice.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth. There are some great photos in there and I would suggest that anyone that wants so to use one as a reference, would be to contact the photographer and get their permission.

      Another great resource.

  4. Hi Jon, have been looking around the new website, lots of work but will be great to have everything in one place! You may already have plans for this, but one suggestion I have: The Store would be easier to navigate if there were some simple categories, i.e., Products, Downloadable Lessons, Teeshirts, etc. The way it is set up now, if I want to see items Ginger recommends, but maybe don't remember the name of it, I have to scroll through 7 pages of stuff. Hope this is a helpful observation.
    You have done a lot of terrific work & it shows! Also, the explanatory videos help a lot. Thanks for all you do–

    1. Candy,

      That is the plan. I have the products, the lessons, and everything else into predefined groupings or categories. It's a very long process and I was that I could wave my magic brush and have it all done they way I have it envisioned in my little “stuffy” brain. Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming!

  5. I was wondering if you would know how to find out if anyone took pictures of the sunset in San Diego last night
    I was driving and couldn't pull over, but it was so beautiful I would love to get a reference and try to paint it
    there were like 1 or 2 “sky lakes” and from where the sun was setting like a rectangular tower shooting straight up

    I know I haven't been able to paint since I signed up, but that was never my intention
    my husband and I watch you on Mondays every week
    loved your auctions and really appreciated quarantine quickies
    thanks for many fun filled and informative times

    I think I'm in group orange but not sure

  6. Hello, I am wondering why I cant see the birds that she will be doing on a up coming video with Cinnamon. I watched the tech bears latest video and his home screen looked different and showed the four birds. Am i doing something wrong?

  7. Loving the new site Jon and Ginger….having all the reference photos is a great bonus for me….I like using them and Gingers together when I paint.

  8. Thank you Jon for all videos and instructions for getting into new site. I just had to reset my password and I’m in. Looking forward to using the new site.

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