Why a Color Mixing Journal, and why do I need it?

Why a Color Mixing Journal,
and why do I need it?

1. Mixing colors for an artist is the #1 problem when learning to paint. 

2. It will save you $100s of dollars either from buying the wrong or unnecessary colors or throwing out ruined color mixes or paints or even paintings because you can't get the color correct.

3. These videos and Journal explain why and how simple it is to create your own. Building a color map and color memory in your brain as words don't teach, the action does. This is one of the reasons you need to do the work yourself.

4. We show you how to use the Gray Scale correctly and effectively, not to over mix colors, and end up with a pile of unused paint when you need a dab of color to put on your canvas.

5. Learn how to use the 12 Must-Have colors and which whites and blacks to own.

6. See how black kills your colors, but when and which colors you may want to use with some blacks.

7. Discover how to mix gray without black and see the different grays you can mix without using black.

8. How to use a color wheel when mixing colors and the importance of using this handy tool.

9. What is “GLAZING,” and when should you use it? What colors can you use, and why you might need glazing.

10. Why professional acrylic brands of paint save you money and how over saturation of water can ruin your painting, and why less expensive paints are more likely to separate off the canvas and cost more in the long run. 

11. The top brands of acrylic paints found in the United States that Ginger Cook uses as a professional artist. 

12. Why this is a must-have for the professional acrylic artist, but even a beginner can achieve these same results.

This “Why” is available as a PDF file
that you can print out under the “Resources”.


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