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Quintessential Color Mixing Journal

Welcome to our quintessential color mixing guide and journal where you become the author. Unlike most books or videos you see available on how to mix paints, we show you step by step. We explain how to combine the Professional paint colors we use in our films for our Academy of Fine Art and Acrylic painting Video Lesson Library(VLL) and our Wave and Water Master Class(WW) tutorials.

Over the 50 years of being an acrylic artist, I have found that you can use these color colors to make at least 99% of any color you want to mix.

Also, bonus colors like Cadmium Yellow Light, Cadmium Red Light, and Zinc White make for a complete color mixing studio.

We have set out to make this the most simple and understandable guide for getting the correct color every time you try to mix one regardless of light or dark or even transparent shades of color.

Every section has a grayscale of the color page that shows you the values of lights and dark shades of each color. Knowing that lets you see what color to start with to mix the desired color, a shade, or hue.

To see and get the most accurate color mix requires each color to be mixed by hand. You are customizing this journal for the brand and quality of the acrylic paint you will use. This color mixing journal is your book to help you become a better artist. Embrace it.

As much as we would love to print this mixing journal because the printing process cannot capture the paints' accuracy and subtitles, this isn't possible. Besides, it would be best if you used your paint and your techniques, and during the process of creating the journal, you will be learning a lot about color and mixing.

So we encourage each artist who purchases this video and the materials to create their own “Quintessential Color Mixing Journal” to take their time, dry the sample colors, be legible and as neat as possible as this will serve you for years to come. 

We show how we would lay out the book and intentionally left blank pages for future additions, and we suggest the same for you. Think a bit before jumping into this project.

It is our sincere hope that you find yourself mixing colors like a pro after completing this journal…well, it's really a never-ending journal!

Good luck and have fun. You will be surprised at how much information you retain, and  I predict that your art journey will be forever changed for the better.

Ginger and Jon
Acrylic Painting with Ginger Cook

This “Welcome” is available as a PDF file
that you can print out under the “Resources”.


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