Welcome to our new home for all things Ginger Cook in learning resources.

We offer something very different than other online acrylic painting tutorials. Our Red, Blue, and Purple Members have access to Personal Art Coaching with Ginger Cook. 


  • Getting professional help with your artwork as you are working on it is worth its weight in gold.
  • You see where your painting can be improved or what you have done correctly, and why it works.
  • Helping you correct image and lines that detract from your painting
  • Encouraging you as an artist and how to succeed best.
  • Helping you seeing areas you could work on to have a more successful painting.
  • To make a more compelling painting, Ginger often offers a personal video explaining where changes could be made and explain why.
  • Help with non-tutorial paintings. The non-tutorial can be one you found in a photo or from another non-youtube artist.
  • Ginger will give you honest suggestions to help you reach your art goals.
  • Being able to send in art as you paint it for a quick check on the accuracy of the drawing or design
  • Sending in a photo first to ask if it would make a good painting

Tutorial List for Our Members

We are just setting up for our Beginner Acrylic Artist members, but we are not quite ready for sign-ups just yet. We will let you know as soon as we are ready to open the door for our “Basic Supporter Members”, now the Orange Members, and our “Junior Academy Members”, now the Yellow Members.

Ginger Cook, Professional Artist & Educator

The “Queen of Color” is willing and wanting to teach you to paint with acrylics. With over 50 years of experience of being a professional artist, she is the one that can guide you on your artistic journey. Let Ginger be your Personal Art Coach.

Ginger Cook, Professional Artist & Educator

The Quintessential Color Mixing Journal is a must-have “tool” for any serious artist. This collection of videos will guide you through the process of creating your own journal. Leading you from the beginning to a “living” journal.

Jon Little, Photographer, Videographer, & more

Also known as “The Tech Bear”, Jon brings his technical skills to the partnership. He works with all aspects of running the Academy except the painting parts! He will handle all of the technical issues with help from his Stuffy Staff.

For help with all things technical about using our websites or other questions…The Tech Bear YouTube channel is the place to check.

Check out the “Queen of Colors” YouTube channel for more great lessons and her Live shows!


Take a photograph of your artwork straight onto the camera—making sure that the painting is tight and square in the final image.

Fill out the PAC ticket with the size of the artwork, medium, paint used, and type of help you desire. The more information that you provide, the better Ginger will be better equipped to help you.

We have a form that will let Ginger know a little bit more about the artist. Make sure you have sent in this form that tells Ginger a little about you and your personal goals.

Attach one or more reference photos for any non-tutorial painting.

Watch the video on the ticket form's side to see how to attach more than one image.


When changes have been made to your painting, send it back to Ginger for a final check and “complete” your ticket. This can be done numerous times with one painting.

Be patient as Ginger takes requests for Personal Art Coaching in the order that they are received. If you have not heard back from us in 7-days, use the Contact Us form to notify us, and we will check on the status. When you submit a PAC ticket, you should receive a confirmation email.

You are asked on the ticket form if you would like to share your artwork. If you do, please check the appropriate boxes and the name you want to use. 


Ginger WILL NOT accept or comment on other YouTube Artists, including The Art Sherpa, Angela Anderson, or Paint with Jane, to name a few.

Non-tutorial art without a reference or references will be rejected immediately, which includes art from your imagination, with or without drinking!

A maximum of 4 Gallery or YouTube tutorial lessons per month may be submitted for PAC plus one original per month. If PAC is not requested, you may submit additional paintings to be shared so that they are in your ticket file and have the option to have them posted on Pinterest or elsewhere. 

Samples of Member's PAC

Visit The Tech Bear's YouTube channel to see many more examples of Video Personal Art Coaching. 

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