Acrylic Painting with Ginger Cook

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A Treasure of Knowledge

You will be able to unlock the artist abilities that you feel that you don't possess with the guidance of Ginger Cook. You can have access to over 400 online tutorials that are available 24/7/365, on your schedule.

A Variety of Subject Matter

There is something to paint for every interest. We teach from the Old Masters that have come before us to contemporary ideas. You will learn different styles of painting as you discover your own voice in painting.

Memberships or Purchase

We offer several membership options to fit everyone's budget. We also offer many of our lessons for purchase. This gives you the ability to watch lessons without an internet connection once downloaded.

Learn the Art of Acrylic Painting

"Painting with acrylics is not a talent, but is a learnable skill."
Ginger Cook
Profession Artist and Educator

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