Not Only About The Quintessential Color Mixing Journal

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer as many questions here for you so can make an informed decision before purchasing or learn how to access the lesson. Many of the images can be enlarged by “clicking” on them. If you have a question that has not been answered here, please use the Contact Us form and let us help you and we will add the question here as well. Someone else may have the same question.

This set of videos are your key to making the Journal that will give you an advantage that will benefit your artistic journey for years to come. You will learn to mix colors so you don't have to purchase every color under the rainbow. This is your recipe book to your “colors” that make your personal rainbow. Watch this video from Ginger that explains in a little more detail.

A brief introduction.
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Tutorial original introduction video.
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Watch this VIDEO about the Quintessential Color Mixing Journal.

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Please take a moment to see how to enjoy our website and to take full advantage of all that it has to offer as we continue to bring you the very best in online learning. This is a little outdated, but the concepts are still the same. We will update this when the website gets more “finalized”.

The “Downloads” link does not take you to where you think you want to go.
Typically, you will PDF files that you “purchase” such as the labels. This area has nothing to do with the tutorials directly. All of their resources will be available within the tutorial pages. Click image to enlarge.

You are purchasing the “how-to” set of videos. You must purchase your own blank journal and other supplies. We recommend a spiral-bound 140lb mixed media journal. We have created a list of the products that need to be purchased separately that we used in the making of our journal. See the full list here.

You will not be receiving anything in the mail from us. We are supplying the videos for you to watch online or they can be downloaded.

You want to make your journal with the paints that you normally use. Ginger is using the normal paints that she uses in the tutorials. The only colors that you may not have are Mars Black and a neutral gray, and we recommend either Golden's Neutral Gray No. 6 or No. 7, which is a little lighter.

The Salvador pages that we added in our journal are extra pages and examples of how to create pages. These are optional pages and are available for you to add your paints that are not part of Ginger's core colors. You may have other sets that you like or other brands. The idea is to provide you a book that shows you how to mix colors from what you have.

You will use the blank pages to record colors you mix for future paintings or for new paints that you may want to use. You may create new colors that you want to remember, so you want to add them to your journal if the same colors when needed at a later date. Once you fill-up the first journal, purchase a new blank journal and start your second book.

Your purchase entitles you to any future updates at no additional cost.

The “Lb” designations tell you the thickness of the paper. The larger the number the thicker the paper. 140 lb is thick enough not to bleed through or curl when using acrylic paints. The 140 lb rating indicates what a ream of the paper weighs.

No, we do not offer refunds but we do let you view the introduction and you can ask questions before purchasing so you understand what you are buying. We will provide customer support as needed. However, since the product can be downloaded and retained by the customer we can not offer a refund. This same policy applies to all of our downloadable lessons.

We feel that the knowledge included is commensurate with the cost of the product. This is a detailed color mixing product. Many hours went into the development, filming, and editing of this product. It is being taught by Ginger Cook, a master acrylic artist with over 50 years of experience. Please read some of the testimonials (link coming soon).