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Wild Rose
3-Episodes to Download

Total Runtime: 1:13:17 – We offer various resolution at different file sizes.

This lesson is just about an hour and broken down to 3 episodes plus a bonus lesson.

You can purchase this lesson for just $6.95 or join as an Online Academy Member for access to more lessons.

Let Ginger Cook give you step-by-step instructions to create this Wild Rose that will remind you of the fragrance of a fresh rose. This is a three-part HD video that shows you exactly how to work with acrylic paints with easy to follow instructions from Master Acrylic Artist, Ginger Cook.

Also included with this release is a bonus lesson that will be a perfect “warm-up” lesson before starting the Wild Rose. Ginger starts you off with a single HD video showing you have to use your acrylic paints to paint Wild Rose Buds. This lesson is under 30-minutes to get you some basic tips and tricks that will help you with the main lesson.

“Thanks to your videos, I am always saying “Where there is a light there is a dark,” and “1-2-3 stop” to myself when I paint. Thank you SO much for sharing your gorgeous work and incredible knowledge with the world. I learn so much just listening to your commentary, let alone watching you work.” K.Q.


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