Van Gogh’s Mug of Carnations

Van Gogh’s Mug of Carnations

Subtitle – A little something about this tutorial

In this lesson, “Van Gogh’s Mug of Carnations”, Ginger shows you how another Old Oil Painting and turning into a manageable acrylic painting for beginners. You will use the same skills all 2 cookies lessons teach. Color blending, Color layering, and brush stroke directions.

We are still working on the accuracy of the supply list and the paints used. We will remove this notice once we have completed the task. Thank you for your patience!

Yes Van Gogh is the most sought after artist of the 21 Century. So Ginger has made it so we all can have a piece in our homes. Most popular paintings have the color red. You will notice we have red and flowers… Great on 16″ x 20″ canvas.


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