1. Ginger you are a very good teacher… I have been following you on u tube for about 6 years. Finally decided to sign up I’m just finding my way around☺️

    1. Thank you, Catherine, and welcome aboard! We are here to help you become a successful artist, if that is your dream. Remember, do use the Personal Art Coaching option if you are a Red, Blue, or Purple Member.


  2. Love what you do, been watching you and your daughter’s channels on U tube and finally joined your academy …. I’m 72 and a true beginner at this but always wished I could do this so now I am. Much more fun than washing dishes or chasing dust bunnies.

    1. Mary,

      Glad that you are enjoying the tutorial and please, remember to take advantage of the Personal Art Coaching to speed up your learning of painting with acrylics.


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