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Springtime Flowers in a Basket Original Monet

See a painting within another painting

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This lesson is just under 4-hours and broken down into 7 episodes

We are still working on the accuracy of the supply list of the paint used. We will remove this notice once we have completed the task. Thank you for your patience!

Ginger takes a portion of Monet's painting to show you how you can sometimes see a painting witin a painting. We have supplied you with the full original image so you can go for the full painting.

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Ginger will walk you through this tutorial step-by-step so you won’t get lost.


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    1. Diane,

      This lesson has not been fully updated for the new website as of yet. Any lessons with the “ugly” blue background have not been updated for access by the members yet. We are working on them day and night trying to get them done on September 22, 2021. If this is a lesson that you wish to tackle before we have it updated on this site, please access it on the original website,

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