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Backgrounds, Spheres, and a Cylinder
Back to Basics

Some of the ‘core' techniques that are needed to be successful

You will learn how to create a wonderful “still-life” background.

You will learn some of the basic skills that are needed to be a successful artist when working with acrylic paints.

We are still working on the accuracy of the supply list and the paints used. We will remove this notice once we have completed the task. Thank you for your patience!

Blending is key to create that 3-D look to a painting. Ginger walks you through the painting process to teach you important technique.

Continuing the blending with a cylinder will help you with many different parts of a painting such as a tree.


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  1. Hi Jon, Well I got this far. When I get my lap top back I will try something easy, like the ball. I have been watching Ginger’s live videos for over 2 years and have enjoyed every one. I am not good with the computer so I will be asking you a lot of questions. Whoops I mean SPHERE instead of ball. lol Have a good day and enjoy your trip. Pat

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