1. Hey Ginger and Jon, I love this painting. I have a big 24×36 canvas and its been waiting for a few years to have color splashed on it. I was wondering if you think I could expand on this painting for me big canvas. I love painting big and never painted small until I joined with Ginger! So, Im wondering if I could add more rocks for the extra inches. I have lots of references for rocks from my own lava beach here in Panama. Or if there is a better tutorial that could look good going this big, suggestions welcomed. It doesn’t have to be water but I loved this painting. Cheers

    1. Gwen,

      This shouldn’t be too much of a stretch because you are only adding 6-inches to the width. Looking at the image, I would add it to the right side because I believe that would be easier. Of course, you can just add a little to both sides to make up the 6-inches.

      We would love to see what you come up with!


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