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Old Junk Teapot

There are a lot of layers in this painting, so be prepared

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This lesson is almost 3-hours and broken down into 8 episodes

We are still working on the accuracy of the supply list of the paint used. We will remove this notice once we have completed the task. Thank you for your patience!

In this lesson, “Old Junky Teapot”, Ginger shows you how to paint a lot of layers to create this painting that has the charm of an old friend. We all have seen or used this type of teapot.

Did I mention that there are a lot of layers in this painting? As always, you may want to watch this lesson all the way through one time before grabbing the paints and brushes!

If you are a member of our Academy, you will be able to purchase these lessons at a discount. Be sure to use the Contact Us form to ask for the discount coupon code before you make a purchase.

Ginger will walk you through this tutorial step-by-step so you won’t get lost.


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