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Cropping Challenge #5

Something very different this time!

Many times we see a photograph such as this and think that this would make a great painting.

But will it? Like it is? Could it use a little help? Do you know what to do to make it better?

Let's find out!

You are being shown 4 images of a very similar subject…alright, it's the same subject. You challenge is to select just one of the images that you feel would make the best painting.

We want you tell why you selected it and if you cropped the image, let us know your thinking behind that decision.

What would you do to this photograph, if anything? Remember to download the image, crop it, and then send it back to us using the form found on the “Reference Traceable” page.

We are starting a new series of thought provoking challenges to help you become a better painter. These will be a small sampling of our newest tutorials that will be called “Painting Design” that will be released in the future.

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