Painting Around the world with Jon and Ginger Photo Challenge April 2021

Step 1. Paint the photo shown on a 9×12 or smaller canvas with acrylic paint. (Just for economical reasons, the choice is really yours!)
Step 2. Send us the picture using the form provided.

Earn a certificate by sending us a photo of your finished Painting that you can print and frame. Be sure to send your photo by the end of April 2021.

We will be doing a new photo challenge every month from photos of Jon and Ginger’s travels.
Be sure to fill out the form provided, (See link below!)

These little challenges are for you to see not only what you have learned, but what you need to improve on. There will be no PACs (Personal Art Coaching) offered on the lesson during the “active” month.

In the following month, Ginger may do a full tutorial on this particular photo which will be posted here. At that time, any of the Senior Academy Members at can request a PAC or Personal Art Coaching.

Done with your painting? Submit your painting and request for a certificate here!

NOTE: Do not use the Contact Us form ON THE HOME PAGE.

You must be a GREEN Member or above to access this challenge

This is NOT a competition, but more of personal growth “test” to see where you are and see if you are improving. For us, it gives a gauge to determine what types of lessons might be helpful in the future if we are seeing a common struggle among the artists.

You will notice that right now, there is no video tutorial! Not yet! Look for that in the following month or so. Our goal is to teach you to be an artist and paint your own photographs or reference material. This is just the beginning!

This is your chance to share, so show us what you can do. We encourage everyone to participate and give this a try. We want to see your vision of this photograph on canvas. The painting size is 9×12 or smaller, but if you want to go larger, that's your choice!

You can only submit one. Paintings must be cropped and in focus. We will post an album of the paintings on the website when the month is over as soon as we can.

This month's challenge will really stretch your imagination. I am sure that this is out of the comfort zone for many of you.

Think about what you want to tell me that might not be so evident in the photo. You have time…so think, then paint. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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  1. Jon, Sorry to be a pain again.
    And I know it’s too late now, but I have been trying a number of times to get into your April Photo Challenge and it keeps telling me that I have to sign in….. ( I am)””””We are glad to see that you are interested in this lesson, but your current membership level does not offer you access. Please consider upgrading your account so you can watch this wonderful lesson. Please visit the registration page for more details.””” and I can’t get access to downloadable, says 50 % done but I have maybe looked it once before… Anyway, some glitch somewhere I guess.

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