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Welcome to our new home for all things Ginger Cook in learning resources. Upon completion, we will have all of the videos on this one website to make it easier for you to locate that perfect painting. Adding all of the lessons will take some time to do, but we feel it will be well worth it.

We have taken the first step by moving the website to this new domain. The next step will be to start moving and enrolling students from the website to our new website. Once the students are happy, and all seems to be working well, we will continue to add the tutorials from the website and the remaining tutorials from

We are hoping by summertime, all of the lessons will be ready for all to join!

Tutorial List for Our Members

We are just setting up for our Beginner Acrylic Artist members, but we are not quite ready for sign-ups just yet. We will let you know as soon as we are ready to open the door for our “Basic Supporter Members”, now the Orange Members, and our “Junior Academy Members”, now the Yellow Members.

Ginger Cook, Professional Artist & Educator

The “Queen of Color” is willing and wanting to teach you to paint with acrylics. With over 50 years of experience of being a professional artist, she is the one that can guide you on your artistic journey. Let Ginger be your Personal Art Coach.

Ginger Cook, Professional Artist & Educator

The Quintessential Color Mixing Journal is a must-have “tool” for any serious artist. This collection of videos will guide you through the process of creating your own journal. Leading you from the beginning to a “living” journal.

Jon Little, Photographer, Videographer, & more

Also known as “The Tech Bear”, Jon brings his technical skills to the partnership. He works with all aspects of running the Academy except the painting parts! He will handle all of the technical issues with help from his Stuffy Staff.